How does DUI impact Penn State students?

Balancing academics with extracurriculars and full social life while being away from home can feel challenging for college students. Some of these undergraduates might turn to alcohol or drugs to relieve stress or for fun. Suppose a Penn State student becomes involved...

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Are there any DUI defense strategies that work?

Every parent sends their children off to college expecting them to obtain the education necessary to earn a job in the desired field in the future. Some expect their children to experiment with drugs, alcohol or some other questionable substance or behavior. Few, if...

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How a DUI affects college students

It’s Friday night and your college buddies suggest that you go out to the bar. You have plans the next morning, so you decide to drive so you can take off early. Instead, you end up having a few more drinks than you originally expected. Realizing that you’re out too...

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