​Accused Of Stealing?

Did you know that even being in possession of a stolen item can result in a theft charge? There are different ways in which you can become the owner of something refurbished, outdated or resold. Perhaps the reported property was something that you purchased from the classifieds. Now you are facing a legal situation.

At Terry Hess Law, we are here to protect your rights and preserve your innocence. For more than 15 years, we have provided competent and qualified legal defense for people who are facing charges of theft or other forms of property crimes. We believe that if you made a mistake, you have the right to correct it.

We provide strong criminal defense for first-time offenders, college students and recent grads alike. Allow us to relieve you from the burden that a criminal charge may carry.

The Potential Consequences For A Theft Conviction

A theft conviction can result in various penalties. The consequences associated with a theft crimes conviction are dependent upon the type of theft and the cost of the property. If the value of the property is less than $50, then the charge would be a summary offense.

While a summary offense is less severe than a misdemeanor, it will still show on a background check. A summary offense will still put you at risk of serving jail time. Solid legal defense from an experienced lawyer increases the likelihood of the dismissal or reduction of a summary offense.

We can also help you with Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition, which can benefit first-time offenders.

We Make It Possible To Afford Skilled Legal Counsel

Attorney Terry Hess has spent more than 15 years practicing criminal law. We are skilled at representing young people in the most crucial time of their life. We will build a strong defense for your legal matters and guide you to the best possible outcome for your theft charge.

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