A Threat To Your Student Career

A criminal allegation can pose a threat to your college education. If you received a meeting notice from an Office of Student Conduct case manager, you will want our experienced attorney at your side.

Our attorney at Terry Hess Law has practiced criminal law for more than 15 years. We advocate for students and recent grads who are facing their first criminal and student conduct violation allegations. We want to protect your rights and guide you to the best possible outcome for the situation you face. Our compassionate attorney will guide you step by step without judgment.

The Benefits Of Having An Attorney As Advisor For Your Student Conduct Hearing

It is in your best interest to have a criminal defense lawyer who knows the Office of Student Conduct hearing process. The police and other people have the right to inform the Office of Student Conduct of your arrest or file a complaint against you. Your lawyer will be your first line of defense in preserving your innocence.

A case manager will meet with you to determine if a code of conduct violation has occurred and, if so, the consequences. The case manager may pressure you into admitting a code of conduct violation, even if it is in your best interest to contest the allegation. Your attorney will be able to help you identify your best options and decide how to handle the matter.

Did You Take The Time To Read Your Student Code Of Conduct?

It is understandable if you have not read your student code of conduct in its entirety. The process of a case manager meeting and student conduct hearing may seem like a mock trial process. However, a proven violation of the code of conduct can have serious consequences like probation, suspension or expulsion. Common on- and off-campus violations include any behavior that:

  • Violates local law, state law or federal law
  • Presents a danger or threat to the health or safety of self or others
  • Impinges upon the rights, property, or achievements of self or others
  • Breaches the peace and/or causes social disorder
  • Is detrimental to the educational interests of the university

We Make Criminal Defense Understandable And Affordable For College Students

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