When A Fun Night Out Goes Wrong

Alcohol-related charges raise a potential threat to your future as a student, athlete or organization member. A conviction may prevent you from obtaining the goals that you have set for yourself. If you made a mistake, do not fret over the what-ifs. Consult attorney Terry Hess for an insightful legal review of your case.

At Terry Hess Law, we strive to protect the rights of our clients by guiding them to the best possible solution for the situation they face. When you consult us, we will provide you with customized defense options. Our attorney has more than 15 years of experience in delivering competent and qualified legal counsel. We are here to help you find a solution to your alcohol-related charge.

Do I Have To Go To Jail?

In most cases, an alcohol-related offense is a summary offense. Examples include being in possession of a fake ID, underage drinking, public intoxication or public urination. You will want to consult a lawyer to discuss the details of your case to determine the possibilities of having your charge reduced or thrown out.

We understand you may have made a mistake, and your mistake should not tarnish your student life, career or life goals. We are here to help you prepare a solid criminal defense for what you are facing.

Skilled Legal Defense For Students, Athletes And Student Organizations

Avoid jeopardizing your chances of graduating, getting into grad school or finding a job by protecting your rights. Allow our compassionate attorney in State College, Pennsylvania, to preserve your innocence with an affordable and aggressive defense.

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