Our Fee Structure

How Our Fees Work

Typically, legal fees can be determined during your free consultation. The amount of the fee depends on several factors, including but not limited to:

  • The severity of charges
  • The number of charges
  • The number and length of anticipated court hearings
  • The distance of travel from State College to those court hearings

Flat Fees

The flat fee is a payment for services rendered regardless of the outcome of the case. The flat fee means you will not be asked for additional money while your case proceeds.

  • For criminal and DUI cases, the flat fee covers all matters of your defense through pretrial hearing or through sentencing should your case resolve by way of plea bargain prior to or during your pretrial hearing.
  • For juvenile cases, the flat fee covers all matters of your defense through disposition hearing.
  • For traffic cases, the flat fee covers all matters of your defense through summary trial

What Are You Responsible For?

All restitution, fines and/or court costs if applicable at the conclusion of the case.

What If I Go To Trial?

Should your criminal or DUI case go to trial and you would like us to continue to represent you at trial, a separate agreement for legal fees will be proposed to you. This will take into consideration:

  • The number and severity of counts that remain
  • The number of pretrial motions and hearings that will be necessary
  • Whether a bench trial or jury trial is more appropriate
  • Length of time the trial is expected to take

Price Quotations For Legal Fees Through Jury Trial Are Available Upon Request

Any fees received in excess of the initial flat fee for representation through pre-trial will be held in a client trust account until the client and I agree that they should be released for use in preparation for jury trial.

Student Discounts

  • All college and high school students with cases in Centre County courts will receive a 10 percent discount on legal fees.
  • Students with cases in counties contiguous to Centre County will receive a 5 percent discount on legal fees.


Payment can be made by cash, cashier’s check, money order or major credit card. A 3 percent convenience fee will be charged for credit card transactions completed over the phone.

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