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Everybody makes mistakes. If you made one that resulted in a criminal charge, do not give up hope. At Terry Hess Law, we are here to protect your rights and guide you to the best possible outcome for the situation you face. We understand that it can be intimidating to navigate the legal system. We are here to help you find your way back to hope, step by step, without judgment.

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If you are a student or a recent graduate who is facing criminal charges, whether for DUI, assault, using a fake ID or another reason, you have a lot at stake. You could face consequences on campus and beyond. If you are currently in school, you could face suspension or expulsion. You could risk your chances of getting into graduate school. Potential employers can see if you have a criminal record, which could limit your ability to earn a living. You need a lawyer who will fight hard for you at this crucial time in your life.

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