What Not To Do When The Police Contact You

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2023 | Criminal Charges |

It can be unnerving to learn that the police want to speak to you. Even if you have done nothing illegal, it is generally best to proceed with caution when dealing with the authorities.

If the police have contacted you and want to ask you some questions, you should avoid some common mistakes.

Giving Too Much Information

Talking to the police can be risky, but people frequently do it anyway for various reasons. They may assume that cooperating with authorities will get the matter over with quickly. Some people simply want to be good citizens and do their part to help the investigation.

It is easy to assume that if you have done nothing wrong, then there is no harm in speaking with the police. However, if authorities suspect you of a crime, they can interpret any statement as potential evidence of your guilt. You have a right to avoid incriminating yourself. While you might try to be discreet, a highly-trained investigator can manipulate a conversation to get the answers he or she is looking for. Talking to the police without consulting a lawyer can be extremely risky.

Giving In To Manipulation

Although the law protects your right to remain silent, authorities may resort to underhanded tactics to convince you otherwise. They may threaten to pile on additional charges if you do not answer their questions. They may offer to treat you with leniency or let the whole matter rest if you tell them what they want to know. Regardless of the method, it is important not to fall for these tricks.

When the police contact you, how you respond can alter the course of your future. Speaking too openly with the authorities can often create more problems than it solves.