How Does DUI Impact Penn State Students?

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Balancing academics with extracurriculars and full social life while being away from home can feel challenging for college students. Some of these undergraduates might turn to alcohol or drugs to relieve stress or for fun.

Suppose a Penn State student becomes involved in an alcohol-related violation such as participating in drinking underage or driving under the influence (DUI). In that case, their actions might lead to several consequences, both on and off campus.

University Sanctions

Pennsylvania law makes it illegal for people under 21 to drive with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.02 or higher. Those 21 years of age and older cannot legally drive with a BAC of 0.08 or higher. If found responsible for driving while impaired, one can face fines, jail time, license suspension and court-mandated alcohol safety school.

Penn State students convicted of a DUI will face the above legal consequences from local authorities and sanctions from the university. The school will place the student on conduct probation for a first-time Student Code of Conduct violation of excessive consumption or impaired driving. The student will also have to pay a $250 fee to enroll in a required BASICS program administered by Health Promotion and Wellness. The student’s parents will receive a letter sharing information about their child’s conduct.

Limited Prospects

A DUI might not only impact a Penn State student in the short term, as some industries avoid employing those with criminal histories. A DUI conviction may appear on a background check and limit students from future job opportunities. Master’s programs may overlook applicants with a record.

Overall, a student’s reputation at college, at work and in the community may suffer due to criminal activity such as a DUI.