Is It Illegal To Carry A Fake ID?

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2022 | Alcohol-related Charges |

False forms of identification generally have an altered date of birth and are sometimes used by people who are underage to obtain tobacco or alcohol products. Most restaurants, bars and stores in Pennsylvania that sell beer, wine, liquor or tobacco products are strict about checking ID to ensure that a customer is of the legal age to purchase those products.

This is especially true if the customer appears to be young, or if the store operates in a college town where a significant portion of the population is under the age of 21. But is it actually illegal to carry or use a fake ID in Pennsylvania?

Fake Ids May Bring Trouble

Yes, it is illegal for someone who is under the age of 21 to misrepresent themselves as being over 21 by using a fake ID. A first offense is a misdemeanor under Pennsylvania law. If the person in possession of the ID is a minor, authorities may also notify their parents or guardians.

Penalties Are Serious

The penalties for carrying or using a fake identification card become stiffer the more times an authority figure catches the underaged person doing so. Fines are also harsher if the person in possession of the fake ID uses the document to deceive law enforcement or to purchase tobacco or alcohol from a shop or a bar, rather than simply carrying the ID on their person.

The more you know about laws having to do with possessing and using identification cards, the better you can ensure that you are not breaking the law.