Behavior Leading To Suspension And Other Consequences For Fraternities

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2022 | Alcohol-related Charges, Student Conduct Violations |

Fraternities have reputations for encouraging “questionable” behavior during their initiation practices. At best, these organizations may expect prospective new members to engage in hazing activities that abuse and degrade them. At worst, actions could potentially endanger the lives of the pledges themselves and others.

The aggressive stance that universities continue to take against such fraternity practices can result in an entire organization’s suspension.

Underage Drinking

Fraternities frequently violate laws regarding their state’s legal drinking age. Serving alcohol to underage fraternity pledges or members is a serious offense that can lead to criminal charges against minor students and to those who provide the alcohol.

Excessive Drinking

Many fraternities have reputations for serving large quantities of alcohol and encouraging excessive drinking as part of their hazing rituals. Others fail to restrict alcohol consumption among members who may engage in criminal behaviors while intoxicated. In addition to encouraging disruptive behaviors, like property destruction, excess drinking can lead to alcohol poisoning, severe injuries or even death.

Using A Fake Id

Presenting a fake ID to access a bar or another restricted area can lead to severe consequences, including hefty fines and jail time that can shut down an entire fraternity to discourage similar practices.

Illicit Drug Use

Drug use is another illegal activity that could easily lead to a fraternity’s suspension. Illicit drugs potentially endanger users’ lives, and can lead to criminal behavior that negatively impacts other university students.

Driving Under The Influence

Driving under the influence is always illegal and can lead to an arrest, driving privilege suspensions and/or jail time. Additionally, an entire fraternity can face the consequences should an intoxicated fraternity member injure others while driving.

Misbehavior can lead to a fraternity’s suspension from university life and could potentially follow members long after completing their education.