Can a DUI conviction affect financial aid?

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2019 | Alcohol-related Charges |

College students in Pennsylvania are here to enjoy their time, learn new things and start their career paths. But what happens if you make a mistake like drinking and driving? Being convicted of a DUI-related crime can actually have a severe impact on your life, which we will discuss today.

First of all, we will take a look at how financial aid is potentially affected by a DUI conviction. Unfortunately, people can and have lost scholarships, grants, and other sources of financial aid due to a DUI conviction being put on their record. This is especially true of individuals who are relying on public sources of money such as government grants or scholarships. These sources of financial aid have very rigorous standards applied because they come from the government. Because of that, people with criminal records tend to be rejected.

Even people with private scholarships or grants may find themselves losing these sources of money. Though the guidelines aren’t as stringent, the public is still keeping an eye on these things and may object if they believe that someone with a DUI conviction has bumped someone with a clean record of the running. Even if your applications are not denied or barred from being entered entirely, there’s still a strong chance that it will be pushed to the bottom of the pile of applicants, severely harming your chances of succeeding.

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