Can the REAL ID cards help stop fake IDs?

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2019 | Alcohol-related Charges, Student Conduct Violations |

Many states are changing their driver’s license to comply with federal standards that become a requirement soon. The new design for the Pennsylvania license is called a REAL ID. The idea behind this change to driver’s licenses and state ID cards, according to The Morning Call, seek to reduce fake IDs. While the intention was to curb terrorism, these IDs may also help prevent underage individuals from getting their hands on alcohol.

The REAL ID has special security features and an RFID chip. These things make it incredibly difficult if not impossible to duplicate or tamper with an ID. Getting one of these new IDs requires providing four forms of identification. This can include your current driver’s license, your Social Security card, your birth certificate or court records. You must show proof of any name change, if your name is not the same as on your birth certificate. This documentation requirement will also make it more difficult for someone to get an ID unlawfully.

However, getting the REAL ID is not mandatory right now. Under federal regulations, you have to have one to fly or enter federal buildings as of October 2020, but if you do not do either of those things, you may continue to get the regular license. So, with not everyone getting these new IDs, it may not be as effective at preventing fake ID use when it comes to buying alcohol since someone could just use an old-style ID. This information is for education, and it is not legal advice.