Some drug charges no longer lead to suspension of license

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2019 | Drug Charges |

Pennsylvania laws regarding various different types of drug offenses are strict, and if convicted, a person could face significant consequences. Up until very recently, one of those consequences including the suspension of that person’s license. That is no longer the case, as recent changes in state law mean that a conviction of drug charges will not affect driving privileges.

The state was able to suspend a person’s right to drive due to drug offenses that may have been completely unrelated to driving. Now, however, a person can keep his or her license, even if charged with or convicted of the use, sale or possession of controlled substances. This is good news for those who believed that old laws infringed on the rights of individuals facing certain drug-related crimes. 

These changes in the law also mean that people convicted of making terroristic threats, using a fake identification cards, drinking under age and purchasing tobacco will also be able to keep their licenses. This is important, as many people in Pennsylvania do not have access to reliable public transportation. Loss of a license could lead to loss of job, which may negatively effect multiple areas of a person’s life, even when charged what ultimately may be a relatively minor offense.

No matter the nature of the drug charges a person is facing, it is important to appropriately confront these charges with a strong defense. A defendant will also find it beneficial to protect his or her rights from the moment of arrest. This may be especially important in the months following any changes to state laws.