Man facing drug charges after law enforcement pulls him over

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2019 | Drug Charges |

A Pennsylvania driver finds himself in serious legal trouble after a routine traffic stop. The man was stopped by a police officer for having a headlight out. After speaking with the man, police allegedly noticed drug paraphernalia in his vehicle, and supposedly the man was not honest with police about his identity. He is now facing drug charges, driving with a suspended license and more.

According to police, the man acted suspiciously when law enforcement approached the outside of his vehicle. He informed the officer that he did not have his wallet with him at the time, and he allegedly gave him a false name. After the initial conversation with the defendant, the officer called for additional support to come to the scene. 

When asked to get out of his vehicle, the driver then told the police his real name. He supposedly admitted that his reason giving a false name was because he was driving on a suspended license. At this point, police said they found specific items on the man that are commonly used in the consumption of drugs. It is not clear if law enforcement found any type of drugs in the man’s possession or in his vehicle.

The various drug charges against this man are serious, but he still guaranteed the presumption of innocence. He can work to develop a meaningful defense strategy, one crafted to suit his individual needs and objectives. Any Pennsylvania person facing drug charges will find it helpful to start his or her defense by seeking assistance and an explanation of the available options.