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Public urination is not worth the risk

A little too much punch at that off-campus holiday party may turn into an emergency bathroom situation on your walk back to Penn State. Or the restroom line at a bar might be far too long for the state of your bladder. But before you give in to the urge, consider the...

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Can the REAL ID cards help stop fake IDs?

Many states are changing their driver's license to comply with federal standards that become a requirement soon. The new design for the Pennsylvania license is called a REAL ID. The idea behind this change to driver's licenses and state ID cards, according to The...

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How a DUI affects college students

It’s Friday night and your college buddies suggest that you go out to the bar. You have plans the next morning, so you decide to drive so you can take off early. Instead, you end up having a few more drinks than you originally expected. Realizing that you’re out too...

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